Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slap Koozie follow up

Although I do think that the slap-and-go koozie from below is quite brilliant, branding slap bracelets and koozies is nothing new. I would not normally wear a bracelet. But will I wear a bracelet that slaps around my wrist? Absolutely. And I recently came across one of these zip up bottle koozies too!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Nostailgia + Functionality = Awesome Promo

Do you remember the slap bracelets from the early 90's? That might be the first fad that I remember getting into, way back in elementary school. The last thing that I had heard about them was some 3rd grade rumor that they were banned from use because the metal piece on the inside of the bracelet could become a lethal weapon if used incorrectly. I'm still not sure if that was true or not.

Either way, this special koozie utilizes snap bracelet technology to revolutionize the koozie world. Before this koozie, you could either have a can-koozie or a bottle-koozie, rarely was a koozie universal. All that has changed. This Promotional Koozie can fit around almost any beverage. With a huge 9" x 3.5" imprint area; this promotion will stay a part of any college student's entire academic career. That is 4 years (at least) of impressions guaranteed to be seen and used by other college students. I was testing it on my drink the other night and all I could think was "wow, my hand is room temperature, but my whiskey remains slightly chilled"


Friday, March 13, 2009

Flying Disc is FUN!

I have not been able to put down this collapsible flying disc that I got at the convention. Luckily, I picked up 3 so I can have one at work, one at home, and may be I'll keep the last one in my car for something to play with the other cars while at a red light or when I'm stuck in traffic.

The Disc has a nice large imprint area, and a little imprintable storage bag. I am thinking only one thing: Beach promo! Ok, I'm thinking a couple of things, spring time is coming up and this is your perfect Campus promotion. Sponsoring a BBQ or picnic? At less then a dollar(!) these babies are sure to spread your name around campus. I guarantee that your promo will be used throughout the summer months as well, increasing your brand's exposure exponentially. Extremely Excellent promotion.

NYC Promotional Product Convention

There was a great promotional product convention here in NYC last weekend. I always love these because usually at conventions the promotions are a side note. An important side note, but the main focus of the con is always Comics or Electronics . At a promotional product con, the whole goal is to visit the booths and get free stuff. It is just a wonderful feeling. Keep it here for posts of some of my Favs from the con!