Monday, February 3, 2014

Personalized Survival Kit

Give the gift that keeps on a chance of surviving in the wilderness.  Let's face matter how many episodes of Man vs. Wild you may have watched, you my friend, are no Bear Grylls.  But we have the tools to give you a fighting chance.  This well rounded collection of wilderness tools comes packaged in a rugged canvas case available in an assortment of tactical colors.  The front of the case features a leather emblem eagerly awaiting your personal inscription.

Unzip your custom case and....BOOM!!!  
Hello there personal wilderness armory.  

Inside you'll find:

-Hatchet / Throwing Tomahawk

This survival kit is the perfect promotional item for the: casual outdoor enthusiast, wilderness explorer, doomsday prepper, or anyone who prefers surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse.