Thursday, July 7, 2016

Want More Exposure, Get a Great Pen

Do you have that pen that may as well be one of your prized possessions?  One that you will not let anyone borrow because it might “disappear”?  I know that you do, or did at one point. That pen is THE ONE. Why did you like it so much? Was it gold and fancy?  Did it write smoother than any other pen? Was it one with cool features?  Whatever the reason was, you remembered it.

That pen probably had a logo or company name on it.  I know that my favorite pen did. Since it was my favorite one, of course I remember the logo that was on it too.  It turns out that the pen was branded with the AC/DC logo.  It was a shiny metallic blue that lit up when you clicked it on and off.  The letters were white and the logo was iconic, with the lightning bolt in the middle. It was the best pen and it “disappeared”.  Just like I remember the logo on that pen, other people and potential customers will remember the logo on their favorite pen as well.  And wouldn’t it be great if that logo was yours?

All companies ask themselves; “How do we get ourselves out there, how do we gain more exposure?”

Clearly AC/DC has moved on from branding only Pens

A great pen could be your answer. That pen may be the reason you get a new customer. You will be exposed to potential customers, as well as those “magicians “who pull their “disappearing acts.”  Which is unfortunate for the pen owner, or should I say previous owner now, but great for companies who want that exposure. Something as simple as the right promotional product can do wonders for your company. Something as simple as a great pen can help increase your exposure to the right people and help you increase your sales.

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(written and submitted by our guest blogger and marketing intern; Shanelle Simpson.)