Monday, December 23, 2013

Nostalgic Promotional Buttons

A presidential election button is inarguably the greatest promotional item ever crafted by the hands of mere mortals.  If Nixon’s iconic handsome smile could gain national recognition from such a successful advertising tool, imagine what this item could do for your organization. 

The design of these buttons clearly announces useful information while simultaneously evoking a pleasant euphoria of “the good ole days” via their retro imagery.  No action proclaims such a deep unwavering support than brandishing this shiny circular piece of Americana.  Emblazon your client’s attire with a nostalgic promotional button, and remember that at these prices “I am not a crook.”

Monday, July 1, 2013

Custom Umbrellas Make Great Corporate Gifts.

If your Monday morning was anything like mine today; you barely made it in the door before it started absolutely pouring rain outside.  Rainy days like this one always remind me why I really enjoy working in the promotional product and corporate gift world.  We have literally dozens of umbrella samples strewn about the office at all times.  I am never stuck in the rain without an umbrella!

When you give the gift of a custom umbrella, not only do you reinforce your branding, but you are also giving the recipient something so useful that they will want to keep it as long as possible.  This works even better when the gift of an umbrella ties in perfectly to the message that your company is trying to send.   Take Rand for example:

Their umbrellas are covered in messages about 'stopping leaks' and list some of the services that they offer.  This is a brilliant way to use an umbrella as a gift and as a billboard.

United has umbrellas at all styles and  price price points.  Are you giving your clients something that they will use and keep this rainy season?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Unique Party Promotional Product.

Jello is delicious.  Vodka is delicious.  Jello shots are spectacular.

However, if you have ever been presented with a jello shot at a party, you know that you must either tear into the cup and use your oral dexterity to take the shot.  Or - at the cost of sticky fingers - do what is colloquially referred to as 'the finger scoop'.

If you have ever seen a delicious spread like this one:

You know you are in for a treat.  And your hands will probably smell like jello for a while...  (at least until your hangover wears off).

Not any more, folks!  With this new Promotional Product, your parties will never be the same.  Its called the Twist n' Shot.  And its less than $1 at about 1,000 pieces.

No more sticky faces or fingers.  Just twist the rim and your jello shot is free of any hindrances or obstacles. With a sleek imprint surface, your logo will look great and will probably be the only thing remembered the next morning anyway.