Friday, January 30, 2009

Green Promotion from Vegas

In my Previous post, I spoke about green-promotions that are Actively Green- like the tree sapling in branded packaging that encourages people to plant trees- as opposed to passively green promotions like a recycled notebook. Actually, using any of our green promotions is a great way to expand your company's 'green initiative' and to send a message about caring for the environment. But we brought back an Actively Green promotion from Las Vegas that I am really excited about.

Pen shown for scale.

Here is what it says on the packaging: "The handmade paper foot is embedded with a hearty mix of perennial wildflower seeds. Plant under a thin layer of soil and water thoroughly. Keep moist until seedlings are well established." Ok, pretty simple instructions, I'm no green-thumb but I think I could plant these flowers succesfully. I love the shape of this one; a green footprint. (haha, get it?) But they can be die cut to match your logo. A promotion like this is versitile; it is well priced for give aways at a convention or promotional event, and it can also work really well as a direct mail campaign. This inexpensive, actively green promotion will remind the even the worst bottonist that your brand cares about the environment everytime they see their beautiful flowers.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More from Vegas! Promotions That Stick!

I found some more promotions in my coleague's stash from Vegas. She isn't here today so I've decided to write about them before she could.

We've got 2 very interesting, inexpensive promotions that have some potential in niche markets. The first one is the magnetic roll of tape. You might be laughing, but let me tell you, I love this stuff! I've been making business cards into refrigerator magnets, and it is fun. I'm going to stick one on my friend's fridge at her party tonight. And I will put the rest on my fridge at my new apartment. They will be our first magnets, and they will make good conversation-starters for when we have our house-warming party. But the promotional potential is definately here. Since the roll looks like a normal scotch-style tape roll, the side of the container is all imprintable space. I'm thinking; school teachers, art teachers, home-makers, students, college students, and more can be reached with this promotional item. I know that when I go home today I'm going to make some more stuff into magnets. Priced for give-away's.

Now lets talk about the 'Duct Tape in your pocket'. This promotion is a foot and a half of duct tape with a removable backer so it can be folded and put in a pocket or wallet and it won't stick to itself. At first, I was like ..."really?" but the more I thought about it, the more I think I'm going to keep it in the center console of my car. I could use duct tape about 8 times per day on average and I think that this is a great car centered promotion. Gas stations, auto mechanics, electricians, repair men and other repair based service people can leave this little guy behind after a job with some kind of clever saying impinted on the package. How about; "if something else breaks, use this tape and then call me" with a phone number. I think that is clever eough to make a lasting impression. they can then take the roll of magnet tape out of their pocket and stick the duct tape to the fridge.

Check out the web album for more pics.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Greetings from PPAI in Las Vegas!

There are over 2,000 manufacturers, millions of new products.....And two convention floors full of ideas!! It is a little overwhelming, but my favorite item of the day is "The drinn."
It keeps your cell phone, or ipod neatly placed while charging. Hangs between your battery charger and the wall socket. Its universal and works with every socket and adapter worldwide. Great Imprint area for your logo. Under $3.00.


Keep your eyes peeled for posts from our colleagues in Las Vegas. This is the weekend of the huge PPAI expo down there, and we've set up e-mail blogging so they con post as they walk the floor. We expect them to return with bags full of samples and minds full of great ideas!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conventional Catalog Browsing is Back!


I would like to formally announce to you, our reader, that UPG has single handedly brought back the style of reading that traditional print media had started so many years back, but was lost with the birth of the interweb; Page flipping.

With our New On Line Catalog you can browse the items in the classic 'page turning style'. This post goes out to Johannes Gutenberg. "You the man JG!"

Here is one of our new online catalogs. Let me know what you think. Or you can send me an email and we'll keep Johannes' legacy alive by sending you a paper and ink version! In the mean time, lets keep it green with tree-less catalogs.