Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Only Thing Better Than Food? Free Food!

Or how about a free apron ?  Look how happy this young guy became just from receiving an Apron that we did.

Food promotions are often overlooked.  I don't mean big baskets of snacks or buckets of popcorn that people often send around the holidays as a 'thank you'.  I'm talking about items that you use With food.  

Do you want your brand to become a common household name?  Look around your kitchen, it is chock-full of brands that have been around forever.  If you can give out something that has value in the kitchen, be prepared for greatness... Take, For example, this veggie peeler.

Something like this is versatile, useful, cool and durable.  Give out kitchen items and you give your brand a sense of permanence.  Associate yourself with food and you become universal, you become a household name.