Friday, November 21, 2008

Unique Mascots and the Promotional Opportunities They Present

So, one of my favorite blogs told us all about Japanese Blood donation mascots today. I know I'm going back to Japanese culture, like in my previous post, but I was so inspired by these mascots! I mean, they are so cute and cuddly, and really make me want to donate blood (if that makes any sense)! All that I could think about were the promotional opportunities that these creative creations represent. Here are some of my fave's:

This one's name is Kenketsu-chan, her blood-drop ears grow and shrink depending on how much blood she has or doesn't have. She even has her own website! How sweet would it be getting a promotional key chain of this cute character with red liquid in her ears. I think that is so cool! Not to mention it would bring people back to donate the next time.

And check out Blood-Kun (sounds creepy, but he looks so cute!):

This guy has a backpack full of blood and his hat turns into a flashing red siren in case of "emergency". I think anyone who receives a plushy of this guy with a backpack full of red liquid that sloshed around when you moved him would be encouraged to donate everytime. Not only that, but someone's friends who saw such a promotional product would probably be inspired to donate too.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Andy 'Rusty' K. of Boston Ma. For nailing last weeks question regarding the art on my business card holder.

Due to your extensive pop-culture knowledge, you will be receiving HubDude:

He is one of our friendliest high-quality USB hubs.

Thanks for participating, keep your eyes here for more contests and more prizes!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Card Holders Can Make an Impression

I love receiving promotional products, I mean, doesn't everyone? Not only because it gives me something to write about in my blog, but because when they are effective, I can find a way to fit them into my life. And when they are not effective I get to pick apart the faults and decide how they could have been done better.

I attended a CBS event recently and received a really nice leather business card holder:

You can see that the leather was debossed (just like embossing only backwards so the words or image is below the surface instead of above it) with the CBS logo. What you can not see, is the line of text below it. Debossing leather with type that is too small can clutter the space and make your message hard to read.

I compare it with the business card holder that I use currently:

My card holder is a little smaller, made of tin, and is silk-screened. I tend to prefer it because it is less bulky, lighter, and I'm also a huge fan of the art. We have both kinds of holders, and card holders make a really nice gift.

If anyone can tell me where the art on my case is from, you will get a prize and instantly earn my friendship! Leave a comment!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Apparel for Every Season

Here in NY, the seasons are taking their sweet time to change. The internet tells me that today's high will be 61 F.

I'm not complaining, in fact, the longer it stays warm, the more opportunities I get to play Ultimate Frisbee with the local impromptu pick up team. But this slow change does not mean that you should not be prepared for cooler weather ahead.

One way to prepare; how about thinking about your logo'd hoodies, jackets, and long sleeved T's now instead of after it gets too cold. Depending on the use of your apparel, look into the quality of the piece and make sure that the durability matches the intended use. For exampe; Windbreakers are nice, but may not be appropriate for out door work in heavy elements. Or, if someone is constantly in side and out side, a nice zip up hoodie could be the perfect thing to keep one comfortable in variable conditions.

The intended use of your branded apparel is probably the most important factor in making sure that you get the most bang for your buck and that people will actually wear the pieces, giving your brand the exposure that you desire.

Now that I know the cooler weather is coming, I just might get some branded Long sleeve's for my Disc Golf team.