Friday, August 21, 2009

Promotion for [Adults] Only

Adult Swim is Cartoon Network's block of Late-Night programming that targets an older audience. I have been known to enjoy Adult Swim every once in a while, so when I was watching it the other night I was delighted to see that they are sponsoring events through their "Adult Swim Presents" event-planning arm. I was even more delighted to see that one of their events was in downtown NYC.

I'm a sucker for any event that doesn't require a fee to enter so I signed up and headed over to Santos Party House. Sounds fun, right? The event space was very cool. It was well decorated and ventilated, a fair amount of space and even some seating along the sides of the dance floor. The event itself, however, left much to be desired.

The good part was that I was able to acquire a rarity in the promotional product industry. They were giving out these sleek, black matchbooks. Which were subtly available to all attendees in little glass jars that were placed along the bar. If you aren't old enough to drink, you are not old enough to get free matches. Fair enough Adult Swim. Anyway, the matches are nicely decorated with a pair of otters (?) kissing on the cover and the Adult Swim insignia on the bottom printed in gold. This is an excellent promotion that even non-smokers are bound to take with them. More pics in the album, and if anyone can share a little insight on the kissing animals, maybe I'll send you a prize.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Business Card Innovation

You may have read my last post about business cards. It touches on the formalities that surround business cards and Japanese Culture. That is all fine and good, but what about our free-spirited ways here in the USA?

I was pondering this when I stumbled into this quaint little shop in SoHo called Scrap Yard Inc.. This shop was really cool and the owners were likable and friendly. I didn't want to forget the place so i asked for a business card on my way out. This is what i was handed:

The clever owners of this store got a rubber stamp and some "hello my name is" stickers and created an inexpensive Business Card that is very memorable. I really like what they did here.

Something like this is functional in a off-the-beaten-path retail store. However, I'm not really sure that it would work in the Business to Business world. But who knows, maybe I should get a rubber stamp made and try it out!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pill Container for Organization and Convenience

This particular Promotional Product is so convenient that I feel like I must share it with the world. I don't take any medications, nor do I have arthritis, but I see the uber-convenience that is this pill case:

Organize your meds Monday through Sunday, or even lay out your meds for the whole month. Unlike some other pill cases, you will not have sore fingers from trying to open it. With the simple push of a button you can access your meds for that day. This item is perfect for pharmacies, hospitals, and pretty much any kind of health center or any place that services the elderly. They have a very significant imprint area and will remind the recipient where to go to refill their prescriptions.

Lens Cloth Update

Tamar Weinberg of Schwag Addict received one of our direct mail pieces from below and liked it so much that she posted it on her own Promotional Products Blog. She is quite the Promotional expert...

Thanks Tamar!