Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Business Card Innovation

You may have read my last post about business cards. It touches on the formalities that surround business cards and Japanese Culture. That is all fine and good, but what about our free-spirited ways here in the USA?

I was pondering this when I stumbled into this quaint little shop in SoHo called Scrap Yard Inc.. This shop was really cool and the owners were likable and friendly. I didn't want to forget the place so i asked for a business card on my way out. This is what i was handed:

The clever owners of this store got a rubber stamp and some "hello my name is" stickers and created an inexpensive Business Card that is very memorable. I really like what they did here.

Something like this is functional in a off-the-beaten-path retail store. However, I'm not really sure that it would work in the Business to Business world. But who knows, maybe I should get a rubber stamp made and try it out!

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