Friday, August 21, 2009

Promotion for [Adults] Only

Adult Swim is Cartoon Network's block of Late-Night programming that targets an older audience. I have been known to enjoy Adult Swim every once in a while, so when I was watching it the other night I was delighted to see that they are sponsoring events through their "Adult Swim Presents" event-planning arm. I was even more delighted to see that one of their events was in downtown NYC.

I'm a sucker for any event that doesn't require a fee to enter so I signed up and headed over to Santos Party House. Sounds fun, right? The event space was very cool. It was well decorated and ventilated, a fair amount of space and even some seating along the sides of the dance floor. The event itself, however, left much to be desired.

The good part was that I was able to acquire a rarity in the promotional product industry. They were giving out these sleek, black matchbooks. Which were subtly available to all attendees in little glass jars that were placed along the bar. If you aren't old enough to drink, you are not old enough to get free matches. Fair enough Adult Swim. Anyway, the matches are nicely decorated with a pair of otters (?) kissing on the cover and the Adult Swim insignia on the bottom printed in gold. This is an excellent promotion that even non-smokers are bound to take with them. More pics in the album, and if anyone can share a little insight on the kissing animals, maybe I'll send you a prize.

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