Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Holder of Cards

This weeks' item came to me as a special surprise during my attendance at a networking event. A friend of mine just started out on her own to create what she has named: The Hispanic Network. I would say that there were almost 100 people at her launching event. And what an event it was! The networking was easy and the food was excellent. Maria really knows how to throw a networking event. She will be hosting more and more events in the future, so get involved.

What about the promotion? The faux-leather business card holder is actually the perfect promotion for a networking event. It is something that people are going to use if they are networkers. Hey, I actually saw some people using it at the event. This was a useful promotion.

The holder itself is ok. It's a little thin for my taste, it can only comfortably hold about 5 or 6 cards in either pocket. The imprint seems to be a little sloppy. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see that the tag line; "Bridging the Hispanic Market and the World", is smudged in places. But, for something that you would pull out quickly at a networking event, the holder can look really nice (as long as it's only a fleeting glance). So this promotion serves as a reminder of The Hispanic Network LLC more so than an advertising piece. I don't think a person at a networking event would ever, by choice, show off a cheap-looking card holder. But as long as they use it, it will remind them to invite people to Maria's The Hispanic Network.

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