Friday, September 11, 2009

It Is That Time Again!!

If you are in NY, then you know from the weather that we cannot really hold on to summer any longer. This saddens me to no end... However! The ending of the summer also means that United is having another holiday gift showcase!! This year is going to be better than last year (which was awesome, check the old posts).

Here is the save the date, I will be keeping you updated on our progress with the mailed invitations and our famous goodie bags. Which will totally rock the house. We are giving away some awesome door prizes to the first 100 people that arrive.

The best part? How about getting a head start on figuring out what to give to your favorite clients this upcoming holiday season? Or finally finding the perfect sales-call leave behind becasue you can actually pick up and hold and test and use items, instead of just looking at them in a catalog. Or.. there is always the food and the drink, and (I'm not positive about this) I think Harriet might bring her new puppy Clemenza! See you there!!

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