Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gifts Part 4: The Only Thing Better Than Food, is Free Food

I remember as a kid getting those giant tin things full of popcorn with the three flavors. Do you remember that? The butter and caramel flavor would be gone in a few weeks, but the cheese flavor would last until early March.

The concept is great, people love getting tasty snacks as gifts, and they will even talk about the gift in March as they sit around munching on stale cheese-flavored popcorn and wondering what to do with the giant leftover tins.

We decided that like the idea and want to push it up a notch, so today I'm highlighting our new food gift sets. I think they're gorgeous, not to mention the boxes and baskets are holiday themed and re-usable. Whats inside you ask? I'll tell you about the chocolate truffles and chocolate covered pretzels, but if you want to find out about the rest of the tasty goodies, you might just have to order one to your own office. If you give one as a gift, the food will be gone quickly, but your name will be remembered in that company for a long time.

Harriet just ate a truffle, hence the smile.

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