Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Business of cards

We are promotional product guru's here at United. But we have humble beginnings and understand the importance of the things that many take for granted. For example, the business card.

Before the internet, your card, not your website, was your sole representation to your prospective clients when you were not directly face to face with them. People see your card and associate your personality and your business with it. It is unavoidable.

It is because of this that the Japanese have a strict regimen and custom detailing the proper way to exchange business cards with someone. It is not only the Japanese , the presence of instructional videos about how to properly exchange cards tells me that others still recognize the importance of this tiny rectangular piece of paper.

(In Japan, use both hands when exchanging)

Brand integrity is huge. No one wants a sales rep in Cali with a different card than your sales rep in NY. That could mean a fight when they meet at the convention in Baltimore. So here at United, we offer our expertise in retaining your brand integrity, getting the best possible card for your money, and avoiding embarrassing confrontations when someone has seen your logo in 2 different colors or styles.

Call up and ask for a demo and we will show you how our internet business card (and stationery) solution works, and how you can retain even international brand integrity. Excellent customer service? free of charge.

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