Friday, April 29, 2011

Corporate Beach Promotions

The seasons have started to finally change here in NYC.  Which means...  Time For The Beach!  But how can you spend quality time at the beach and still spread your branding???  Excellent question, lets go through some possibilities.

1. Write your name in the sand...

...With these awesome Flip Flops!

With Not only 1, but 2 imprint locations, these stylish flops are sure to get the attention of on lookers.  Even better, though are the debossed outsoles on the bottom of the flop.  As you walk, you can leave behind your company logo or message.  

2.  Stay Hydrated!

'Cause sea water just isn't tasty.

Water bottles are just such a great promotion in general.  People always use them, put them in their backpacks, or cars and have them for months if not years.  With a slew of styles to choose from, your demographic will definitely find something they like.  Plus!  It's hiking/camping/fishing/biking season, people need their water!

3.  Stay Dry

Or just lay down and get some sun.

Everyone needs a towel at the beach.  You have got to have one.  This beautiful lime green towel with a ghosted imprint is the perfect way to get your message out, without shouting to the world that you have a promotional towel.  It still stands out enough to send a message (and boy is this towel soft and comfy too!).

4. Remember Everything
Let's get digital, digital...

Wow, what an Epic weekend at the beach!  Uh oh, there are definitely some pictures that I don't want to end up on Facebook...  what to do??  No problem, with this branded digital picture frame (and remote), lets get the pics straight from your digi-cam to the picture frame.  No one on your Facebook page has to know what you look like without a shirt after a dozen Bud Light Limes, but you will never forget (if you can remember).

Have any Beach Promotion Suggestions?  Don't hold back, lets hear your ideas!