Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gifts Part 3: Washable Keyboards

Today we're going to take a turn back to electronics and computer peripherals. May be because I'm dropping hints to my friends and family about the type of gifts I want to receive this holiday season, or may be because these flexible waterproof keyboards are amazing!

One of my favorite co-workers had a "case of the spills"

or "the dropsies", as it is sometimes known, and had taken out her old keyboard with a nice hot cup of coffee that she was about to enjoy. The keys became sticky and gross, the whole thing was unusable except for the caps-lock key, the very important caps-lock key. It was time for a change, we needed a solution. Dropsies can be incurable so we decided that we had to change her environment.

Enter the waterproof and antimicrobial SEAL FLEX keyboard. Her dropsies persist, but now we can just toss her keyboard into the sink and wash off all of the stickness. With 2 imprintable areas, this is a nice gift for even the clumsiest of clients.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Gifts Part 2: The Size of the Dog on the Flight

If you are like me, you like to have wardrobe options when you travel. It's not that I need to change my clothes every few hours, it's more like I absolutely can't trust any weather man. And I also like to be prepared in case something requires more or less formality than I had thought. Plus, as an Eagle Scout, I had 'be prepared' drilled into me by the Boy Scouts of America so you can imagine the space I need in my suitcase for my "stranded on a deserted tropical island" survival kit.

When I was traveling this weekend, I had to learn the hard way about airline luggage weight limits and how much they can cost. I got slapped with a $50 fee for having too many wardrobe options. If I had this luggage scale, I may have been able to save some dollars. This one also has a tape measure so you can leave the guess work out of choosing the size of your carry-on. With a nice imprintable storage bag, this little baby is perfect for the traveling sales person on your team, or any frequent flier.

Paying $50 does stink when you're not ready for it, but at least I was not as bad as the guy next to me who took his unmentionables out of his suitcase and put them into his carry-on to avoid the fee.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My favorite Gifts Part 1

Today begins what will probably be a five part series about some of my favorite gift items. With our Annual Holiday Showcase coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the interesting, cool and unique gifts that I have come across.

The first item that I want to talk about is so freaking cool that I get excited every time I see one. Its called a Mogo Mouse and it is a slim mouse for traveling professionals (or traveling gamers) who are tired of using that clumsy laptop touch pad, or that inaccurate (and annoying) little red nipple.

Right now, there are a few different versions available including the presenter mouse which you can use to manage powerpoint slides and comes complete with built-in laser pointer. And there is also the media center version which works with media players including iTunes and has buttons for playing, pausing, changing tracks, and adjusting volume.

Here is the kicker, not only is this mouse convinient for travel, but it's completely wireless! The mouse works on bluetooth technology which means you can change slides in you presentation from about 30 feet away. Not only that, but the mogo mouse stores and charges in your laptop's express card slot. I love this part. This should have happened sooner. A high quality mouse that stores and charges in your laptop, it just makes a ton of sense.

This gift is great for a high end consulting company as a thank you to clients. When your client is on an airplane next to another professional and s/he pulls out their mogo mouse, their neighbor will ask right away about where they got it from. Your imprint will surely make an impact as the professional uses the gift over and over.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Saving the Planet, 1 Bag at at Time

There is talk about saving the environment everywhere. I see ads in the subway, ads on TV, and even articles in newspapers are touting the dangers of us humans interfering with the environment.

One of the issues that I find interesting is that of plastic bags being overused and choking the environment. This has become such a large problem that Ireland has even issued what they call a "PlasTax" where shoppers must pay an extra 15 cents for every plastic bag they use. So far, it has been very successful in cutting down the use of plastic bags and raising funds for the governments' environmental projects.

You might be thinking "I don't wanna pay no Plastax, but I do want to save the environment. What can I do?" Well, some of the more 'green-minded' companies are promoting the use of logo'd Re-Usable Bags. Talk about a great 'green' promotion, not only will the end user see your imprint, but since they are encouraged to use the bags over and over, your imprint will be seen by other shoppers on every grocery-store trip that person makes. Check out our re-usable and eco-friendly bags when you think about your next 'green promotion'

Now it's our turn to walk-the-walk. Here is some interesting info that we can use to make small changes that will make our everyday lives a little greener;

- Idling your car for more than 30 seconds gets you 0 miles per gallon. Which can seriously hurt your MPG average, and your wallet.

-A professional car wash uses 10 times less water than you doing it by hand and hose in your driveway. Which is great seeing that I just learned about a $5 carwash on my commute home.

-Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs use one third of the energy that regular light bulbs do, but burn just as bright and last 10 times longer.

-Under inflated tires can cost you some major gas mileage. Check your tire pressure regularly, especially before a long road trip.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Your Key to A Successful Holiday Season

Mark your calenders! United has just sent out the "Save The Date" notice for our upcoming holiday gift showcase! There will be some finger food and drinks, but the real attraction will be the spread of corporate gifts that will be on display. We have all styles and types, all price ranges, there will be plenty of great eco-friendly gifts available for the company who is conscious about the environment, or for the company who wants to be.

I checked out the venue last week, it is quite slick. If you would like more info, or if you would like to attend, toss me an email, or leave a comment. More info to come!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion Week Loves United Print Group

It is fashion week here in NYC, and just this past Wednesday The Budget Fashionista threw a bash to celebrate her 5 years as a successful blogger. Congratulations!

United didn't have an official invite, but we were there in our own way. The theme for this year's Fashion week is "Frugal Is The New Black". And in the typical glamorous, yet fiscally conscious style of the Budget Fashionista, we were asked to produce the T-shirts that would represent the theme.

The shirts were on mannequins, and humans alike. They popped, they were memorable, they looked good (they better, this is fashion week), and they kept the theme of fashion week on everyone's minds.

We think this makes us famous and fashionable...

Watch a video about the event here

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