Monday, September 29, 2008

Gifts Part 2: The Size of the Dog on the Flight

If you are like me, you like to have wardrobe options when you travel. It's not that I need to change my clothes every few hours, it's more like I absolutely can't trust any weather man. And I also like to be prepared in case something requires more or less formality than I had thought. Plus, as an Eagle Scout, I had 'be prepared' drilled into me by the Boy Scouts of America so you can imagine the space I need in my suitcase for my "stranded on a deserted tropical island" survival kit.

When I was traveling this weekend, I had to learn the hard way about airline luggage weight limits and how much they can cost. I got slapped with a $50 fee for having too many wardrobe options. If I had this luggage scale, I may have been able to save some dollars. This one also has a tape measure so you can leave the guess work out of choosing the size of your carry-on. With a nice imprintable storage bag, this little baby is perfect for the traveling sales person on your team, or any frequent flier.

Paying $50 does stink when you're not ready for it, but at least I was not as bad as the guy next to me who took his unmentionables out of his suitcase and put them into his carry-on to avoid the fee.

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