Thursday, September 25, 2008

My favorite Gifts Part 1

Today begins what will probably be a five part series about some of my favorite gift items. With our Annual Holiday Showcase coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the interesting, cool and unique gifts that I have come across.

The first item that I want to talk about is so freaking cool that I get excited every time I see one. Its called a Mogo Mouse and it is a slim mouse for traveling professionals (or traveling gamers) who are tired of using that clumsy laptop touch pad, or that inaccurate (and annoying) little red nipple.

Right now, there are a few different versions available including the presenter mouse which you can use to manage powerpoint slides and comes complete with built-in laser pointer. And there is also the media center version which works with media players including iTunes and has buttons for playing, pausing, changing tracks, and adjusting volume.

Here is the kicker, not only is this mouse convinient for travel, but it's completely wireless! The mouse works on bluetooth technology which means you can change slides in you presentation from about 30 feet away. Not only that, but the mogo mouse stores and charges in your laptop's express card slot. I love this part. This should have happened sooner. A high quality mouse that stores and charges in your laptop, it just makes a ton of sense.

This gift is great for a high end consulting company as a thank you to clients. When your client is on an airplane next to another professional and s/he pulls out their mogo mouse, their neighbor will ask right away about where they got it from. Your imprint will surely make an impact as the professional uses the gift over and over.

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