Thursday, March 1, 2012

Japanese Promotional Products

Promotional Products are ubiquitous.  In our daily lives, we rarely pay attention to how many promos we interact with.  That is part of the beauty of promotional products.  We are constantly interacting with, and taking note of, brands who provide us with promos.  And all in a subtle and useful way.

This is not a uniquely American phenomenon.  I recently returned from Japan and I did my best to procure as many promo items as I could.  When you cannot read the language, this can be a rather tricky situation because I  didn't always know what the promos were touting.  So I was in a bar when I spotted this one:

The Japanese are infamous for their love of smoking.  This lighter (I have no idea what the website they are telling me to go to is, and I don't intend to find out- especially on my work computer-) is a great promotional product for Japan.  Most cigarette smoking goes down inside bars, restaurants, and special smoking sections of buildings.  Whenever people gather to smoke, someone always needs a light.

This, like most promo products in Japan has a QR code.  The best way to drive people to your website is to give out something that is often used and shared.  The QR code enables someone who is borrowing your lighter to visit the website without having to steal the lighter!

Are you a world traveler with a collection of foreign promos??  Send in your pics and I will feature them on the blog!  There might even be a gift reward for the participants!