Thursday, December 29, 2011

Classic Promo's + Technology = The Echo Temple

When you speak to Promotional Product companies about technology, most will tell you about the most recent USB drive that they have done.  Or the automatic USB desktop back scratcher that they can send you a sample of (OK, this one doesn't actually exist...yet).

But, when an event marketing company in NYC needed promos for a high tech, innovative, interactive music display, they came to United Print Group.  Without getting into the boring technical printing details (there are plenty), I can tell you that event sponsors: Kyocera and Virgin Mobile were quite content with the outcome:

The Echo Temple from MPC on Vimeo.

Learn more about the whole project at:

Learn more about Virgin Mobile Free Fest:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 Reasons to Avoid Buying Your Promos Fom The Internet

I have recently been inspired by a slew of horror stories that people have shared with me about shopping online for Promotional Products.  Here are 3 of the most common troubles that I've heard about when people order online, and most importantly, the solutions.

Buyer Beware
There are tens of thousands of promotional products.  If you ever try searching for a pen on one of these websites, you can get up to 80 pages of search results, no fun.  The beware part comes in when your order arrives and the pen that shows up does not look at all like the pen that was on your screen.  The pen may have looked like mahogany, but you found out the hard way that it was a cheap plastic imitation, and it doesn't even write well.

The solution: A conversation.  When we talk with our clients, we always ask them who their target market is.  You can feel comfortable knowing that if you want to impress people with your awesome pen, you will end up with an awesome pen, not a plastic imitation.

-It Was the Cheapest Option...  At First
Many online promo stores will boast that they have the lowest prices.  And that can seem to be true, until the bill arrives.  I recently heard tale of a lady who went online because the prices seemed to be better.  Little did she know that the special price that she saw advertised was for the red pen, not the blue one of the same style that she needed.  And by the time she paid extra for the laser engraving in 2 locations, she ended up spending way more than the advertised price.  That is just downright deceptive.

The Solution: Once again, a conversation with one of our specialists here at United would have cleared all of this up in an instant.  Do we claim to have the lowest prices?  No, we don't.  But we are competitive.  And most importantly, our client's invoices don't surprise them.

-A Day Late, and [many] Dollars Lost:
I cannot keep track of the number of times that someone has come to me days before an important event because their on-line store could not accommodate their time constraints.  Yes, you were able to save twelve cents per pen for your trade show giveaway, but what does it matter if the items show up even one day late.  Even after just one day, you have already lost out on potential revenue.

The Solution:  You guessed it, call United and talk to us about your time constraints.  We will go over a list of items with you that we know that we can produce in time for your event.  We wouldn't sell you something that you cannot use.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Don't Let The Holidays Sneak Up On You!

I know it's only October.  I know the weather has been really, really nice.  But, if you have not started thinking about your Holiday 'Thank You' gifts, now is the time.

Saying 'Thank You' is important.  We all have those clients who wait every year around this time to see what they are going to get as a Holiday gift.  I cannot say enough times how advantageous it is for you to give your client or prospect something tangible.  The holidays are a great reason to once again get your name in front of your prospect or client.  Give a good gift now, and be remembered the whole year.

Need help?  Need advice?  Don't even know where to start??  Call us, we'll help you in every stage, from Concept to Completion.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dreamy Event Promotions

We recently worked with Sally Golan at Social Exposure Media on her event the Dreamside Pool Party.  United provided Sally with 200 Rubber Ducks.

The blue ducks even became the backbone of the social media hype campaign, complete with a 2 part blog, Facebook fans, and I think the duck even had a twitter feed?  By then end of the campaign, she had well over 500 rsvp's to her party.  And everyone was excited to meet "Charlie the Duck"

Having a crazy party and need that one thing that will stand out?  Call United.  Along with Corporate swag, Golf outing giveaways, and start up swag, United loves working with party planners and event managers.  Think of us when you need that special something that stands out and you need it in a rush!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Red Cross, Non-Profit, and Charity Swag

Working with an organization like the America Red Cross of Greater NY is inspiring and uplifting.  We have recently had the opportunity to provide them with some swag with serious importance.

The sweatshirt doesnt have a lot of copy printed on it, but it doesn't need it.  These sweatshirts went to people who needed them.

And then something happened in my personal life, the lady who lived below me left her stove on.  Her apartment caught fire that quickly came up the walls and made a mess of my apt.  It was amazing how the Red Cross were on the scene almost instantly to help me out.

They wrote a blog post about my story:

So here is my post to them.  Thanks!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tablet Stand for iPads, etc.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Well, I don't have that kind of time, and no one wants to read 1,000 words about one of our favorite new products anyway.  So take 52 seconds and watch this video about this tablet case and stand.  It actually is pretty awesome and useful, especially if you use your iPad for presentations and videos.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Custom Knit Socks

Our friends at Wish Come True are amazing designers with some big projects currently in the works.  They called upon us to make their completely custom socks.

How freaking cute are these?  The socks are going to be sold at the newest kiosk in the Aventura Mall in Fl.  If you happen to be a Floridian and in the Aventura area of Miami, stop by the kiosk and grab a pair.  These puppies are going fast!

The design is completely knit into the sock, there is no printing here, which makes the sock a long lasting and awesome keep sake! No one does adorable better than Friends With You and Wish Come True.

Are you looking to stock your retail shelves with something completely custom?  Something that will sell like the hottest of hotcakes?  Talk to us, we can make it happen!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Corporate Beach Promotions

The seasons have started to finally change here in NYC.  Which means...  Time For The Beach!  But how can you spend quality time at the beach and still spread your branding???  Excellent question, lets go through some possibilities.

1. Write your name in the sand...

...With these awesome Flip Flops!

With Not only 1, but 2 imprint locations, these stylish flops are sure to get the attention of on lookers.  Even better, though are the debossed outsoles on the bottom of the flop.  As you walk, you can leave behind your company logo or message.  

2.  Stay Hydrated!

'Cause sea water just isn't tasty.

Water bottles are just such a great promotion in general.  People always use them, put them in their backpacks, or cars and have them for months if not years.  With a slew of styles to choose from, your demographic will definitely find something they like.  Plus!  It's hiking/camping/fishing/biking season, people need their water!

3.  Stay Dry

Or just lay down and get some sun.

Everyone needs a towel at the beach.  You have got to have one.  This beautiful lime green towel with a ghosted imprint is the perfect way to get your message out, without shouting to the world that you have a promotional towel.  It still stands out enough to send a message (and boy is this towel soft and comfy too!).

4. Remember Everything
Let's get digital, digital...

Wow, what an Epic weekend at the beach!  Uh oh, there are definitely some pictures that I don't want to end up on Facebook...  what to do??  No problem, with this branded digital picture frame (and remote), lets get the pics straight from your digi-cam to the picture frame.  No one on your Facebook page has to know what you look like without a shirt after a dozen Bud Light Limes, but you will never forget (if you can remember).

Have any Beach Promotion Suggestions?  Don't hold back, lets hear your ideas!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

National Umbrella Month

As long as I could remember, the best part about March was always that it contained my Birthday.  I went on believing this for years ...  how foolish of me.  The best part about March is obviously that it is National Umbrella Month. 

And how appropriate!  If you are anywhere in the tri-state area, just look out side.  It's raining c's & d's out there.  My favorite part of a heavy rain (other than that destinct smell that fills the air on rainy days) is, of course, checking out people's promo umbrellas.  I saw some great ones this morning; some for financial institutions, some for social media platforms, and even one for Puerto Rico.  I guess if you pull out that Puerto Rico imprinted umbrella on a crummy day like today, you and those around you suddenly feel the need for a vacation to a warmer and more tropical climate.  Well, it worked on me.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Made in America

President Obama recently gave his State of the Union Speech.  The President spoke about the importance of American businesses.  How we can adapt, how we are strong and how we can do anything.  The message that resonated most strongly with the people here at United is that we need to support other American businesses.  We are thinking 'buy American'.

At United, we have so many made in America and other Union Made and Union Decorated items.  I recently came across this gem on my travels around the interwebs.

Sometimes there is nothing worse than an inconsistent message.  Had "Made in Oregon" asked us for help on this project, we would have gone with Made in America.  Maybe they would have made it another 35 years.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Only Thing Better Than Food? Free Food!

Or how about a free apron ?  Look how happy this young guy became just from receiving an Apron that we did.

Food promotions are often overlooked.  I don't mean big baskets of snacks or buckets of popcorn that people often send around the holidays as a 'thank you'.  I'm talking about items that you use With food.  

Do you want your brand to become a common household name?  Look around your kitchen, it is chock-full of brands that have been around forever.  If you can give out something that has value in the kitchen, be prepared for greatness... Take, For example, this veggie peeler.

Something like this is versatile, useful, cool and durable.  Give out kitchen items and you give your brand a sense of permanence.  Associate yourself with food and you become universal, you become a household name.