Wednesday, March 16, 2011

National Umbrella Month

As long as I could remember, the best part about March was always that it contained my Birthday.  I went on believing this for years ...  how foolish of me.  The best part about March is obviously that it is National Umbrella Month. 

And how appropriate!  If you are anywhere in the tri-state area, just look out side.  It's raining c's & d's out there.  My favorite part of a heavy rain (other than that destinct smell that fills the air on rainy days) is, of course, checking out people's promo umbrellas.  I saw some great ones this morning; some for financial institutions, some for social media platforms, and even one for Puerto Rico.  I guess if you pull out that Puerto Rico imprinted umbrella on a crummy day like today, you and those around you suddenly feel the need for a vacation to a warmer and more tropical climate.  Well, it worked on me.

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