Friday, January 25, 2013

Unique Party Promotional Product.

Jello is delicious.  Vodka is delicious.  Jello shots are spectacular.

However, if you have ever been presented with a jello shot at a party, you know that you must either tear into the cup and use your oral dexterity to take the shot.  Or - at the cost of sticky fingers - do what is colloquially referred to as 'the finger scoop'.

If you have ever seen a delicious spread like this one:

You know you are in for a treat.  And your hands will probably smell like jello for a while...  (at least until your hangover wears off).

Not any more, folks!  With this new Promotional Product, your parties will never be the same.  Its called the Twist n' Shot.  And its less than $1 at about 1,000 pieces.

No more sticky faces or fingers.  Just twist the rim and your jello shot is free of any hindrances or obstacles. With a sleek imprint surface, your logo will look great and will probably be the only thing remembered the next morning anyway.