Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gifts Part 3: Washable Keyboards

Today we're going to take a turn back to electronics and computer peripherals. May be because I'm dropping hints to my friends and family about the type of gifts I want to receive this holiday season, or may be because these flexible waterproof keyboards are amazing!

One of my favorite co-workers had a "case of the spills"

or "the dropsies", as it is sometimes known, and had taken out her old keyboard with a nice hot cup of coffee that she was about to enjoy. The keys became sticky and gross, the whole thing was unusable except for the caps-lock key, the very important caps-lock key. It was time for a change, we needed a solution. Dropsies can be incurable so we decided that we had to change her environment.

Enter the waterproof and antimicrobial SEAL FLEX keyboard. Her dropsies persist, but now we can just toss her keyboard into the sink and wash off all of the stickness. With 2 imprintable areas, this is a nice gift for even the clumsiest of clients.

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