Friday, October 10, 2008

Gifts Part 5/5: The Personalized Portfolio

I will conclude our 5 part gift series with a gift that can be personalized, is very useful, and very tasteful. I use mine all of the time.

Do you know someone who could use some more organization in their life? How about that friend or client of yours who is always forgetting things because they never write anything down? Do you like looking prepared and professional during meetings? Check out these portfolios. The price and style range might actually surprise you. One of my favorite styles is pictured below, it's got a metal clasp that can be laser engraved with the individual's name, and your company's imprint can go on the inside. It is made of stylish leather and is lined with a fuzzy pajama-stile fabric.

One of the best ways to make some one feel special and liked is to give them something that is only for them. A personalized portfolio is not the kind of gift that will sit on a desk, but will be incorporated into the recipients lifestyle.

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