Friday, December 5, 2008

Green Promotions (not just Pantone 354)

Lots of people are talking about getting "green" Promotional Products. At United, we offer a slew of recycled promotional items, many re-usable bags and shopping totes, and of course the recycled pen and blotter (you might remember them from our holiday showcase). These are the typical 'green' promotions, and everyone of them is great.

Recently, we were asked to do another 'green' promotion for a large company. This company wanted to get people excited about their green-initiative. Instead of giving a shirt made from recycled and organic materials, we suggested that they encourage their end users to be pro-active about being green too. So now, they've decided to give out something like this:

Why not provide a home for some birds? Create some clean air and help prevent erosion? Along with the promoting the company's green initiative, this uber-green (I just coined that) promotional product encourages the end users to share their enthusiasm about being green with the advertiser.

Keep yours eyes peeled, New York, because in about 10 years, you might be seeing a bunch of Douglas Fir saplings all over the place.

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