Monday, December 1, 2008

Cost Per Impression (Plus Trivia!)

I was fortunate enough this week to have one of my fans come up with a great topic for me to write about. It is based on his own life experience. He likes my blog so much that his daily life is consumed by it! I think the rest of you should be just as devoted!

I'll share his email with you:

"I went to a ski movie premier last night in Portsmouth. corona was
there amongst other vendors giving away free things and like all the
college aged kids, adults were scurrying around snatching up swag. I
was astonished when I returned home and dumped my trickortreat bag out
onto the floor. I got lots of cool ski stuff and was not
disappointed, but take a look at what I found.
(Bottle openers!)
What do you think people will think about corona when they compare
their bottle opener to the thick, snowboard shaped one of
significantly smaller company Putnam Sports. Seriously, it's
ridiculous. I think it's to their advantage that the print on the
corona opener is so small you can't really tell what it says.

Aren't you impressed THAT is what I was thinking when I first saw those?!
Yay UPG!"

He attached this picture.

In this example, my buddy has touched upon a couple of very important factors.

1. Promotional products are just one aspect of a marketing campaign. Putnam Sports knows, and demonstrated this by appealing to winter-sportists with an item shaped like a snowboard.

2. The Cost per impression for promotional products is one of the lowest possible. In other words, if you divide the total cost of something by the number of people who see your name/logo/message, the cost will drop to below 1 cent per impression. But if the item is trumped by a better marketing campaign, you can loose a lot of of impressions. My fan's point was that; with so little effort demonstrated by Corona, it gave him a bad impression of the company.

Here is a Question, answer in the comment section or send me an email and you will be featured on the blog and we will send you a gift!

According to ASI, what is the average cost per impression for Promotional products?


  1. In terms of promotional items there are actually a lot of consideration that must be put in. Functionality, durability and actual use. From the picture I am assuming Corona is small and metal, so more likely to be put on a key chain, where the other is more bulky, not sure on the material it is made of.

  2. That's a really good point. "perceived value" is an important factor when choosing promotional products as well. "would anyone want to have a bulky plastic key chain? Or would they rather have a sleek metal one?" Could be one of the questions that Corona asked themselves when choosing this particular item.