Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holiday feedback!

Do you remember the 5th part of my holiday gift series? The one with the leather, personalized portfolio? Well, a friend of mine got a bunch of them monogrammed for her clients. I want to share with you what she shared with me:

Tom, your gift suggestion for our top clients was a real hit! Here is just some of the feedback we got on the personalized padfolios -

“Thank you so much for the lovely gift. It was really thoughtful and generous. And monogrammed? I feel like such a professional!”

“What a sweet present I just found in my mailbox. Thank you so much!!”

“What a wonderful surprise! The leather folio is tres classy and elegant (just like me!). Seriously, I love it because it is beautiful and useful and not fattening.”

“…thank you for the very thoughtful gift. It was a nice surprise.”

And we can't thank you enough for helping us let our clients know just how much they're valued!

Not bad, huh? Happy Holidays!

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