Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Your sales can "crash through the heavens"

You may recognize the art on the promotion I'm going to be talking about today. I'm a huge fan of this particular Japanese show. It makes me a giant nerd, I know. But because I'm such a fan, I am really drawn to this particular promotion. And with good reason.

You see, this drawstring backpack came with my friend's DVD box set. They folded it just right to fit in the box without ruining the integrity of the embroidered logo. Not a bad gift for buying a DVD. This really simple promotion becomes a value add. Its not just schwag any more, now it's SCHwagg (capital SCH and an extra 'g'). Because when your serving a niche, your fans clamor for branded material with their favorite show, or character on it. This very affordable branded backpack now has immense value. I should know. I don't have this box set yet, but now, I am definitely going to buy it.

The backpack itself is actually very nice. It's got a zippered pocket on the inside for an mp3 player with a small hole on the outside for the headphone jack for easy listening (of the show's soundtrack no doubt). The embroidery is well done, although it's a little off center. That little quirk is not easily noticed. Since the art is subtle enough not to tell the world that I am a giant nerd, this is the type of back pack that is perfect for gym usage, and everyday errands. Well done Bandai, perfect use of a common promotional product.

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