Friday, April 3, 2009

Radio City Promotion

A friend of mine recently went to Radio City Music hall to see two certain comedians do a reunion/comeback stand-up comedy show. She ordered a drink and instantly thought of me when she saw the promotional product that she received. She came to me the next day and told me I must put this on the UPG blog.

Here is this really nice light-up drink stirrer. the little air bubbles in the shaft of the stirrer create a really cool effect when it's turned on. And the imprinted piece at the top seems perfectly shaped for the Radio City logo imprint. This is the type of item that an out-of-towner would not just throw out after leaving the hall. The promotional product becomes a keepsake. It becomes a souvenir and a memento of an evening out.
I'm told that at the end of the comedy show, there was a music act and everyone in the crowd, instead of holding up lighters, held up the drink stirrer. What a pretty sight.

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