Friday, February 12, 2010

My new favorite promo.

This is it everyone! We can finally stop thinking of new and innovative marketing specialties because we will never surpass this:

The Can Grip:

I freaking love this thing. I use it at every opportunity. I believe the tagline goes something like: Adding class to the 12 oz. can. Screen printed on the outside of the handle with a 1 color imprint; Imagine getting one of these badboys when you step into your favorite bar. Or how about the bonding that will occur when you can easily spot your frat brother from across the keg party because the hand that is not fist-pumping is clutching the same "TKE" (or whichever combination of roman numerals) Can Grip as you are?! I see high-fives in the near future, maybe even a little bromance.

Are you trying to reach the beer or soda can drinking market? Oh, you mean nearly everyone? This is the perfect item...

Come to think of it actually; don't stop coming up with new items yet... I will need one of these for bottles too.

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