Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lanvin Halloween Party

United was asked to produce a Gigantic banner for the opening of a very high end Fashion designer’s Flagship store in NYC.  This banner is a mesh material so that it can be displayed outside for a period of time without being ravaged by the wind and can withstand other elements.
Produced in 2 days, the printing on this banner is such great quality that the details of the artwork could be made out across the busy Manhattan street.  During the day one can hear comments being made by passers by.
This outdoor piece is 15’ x 20’ and had to be installed by professional banner installers.  This banner was mounted the opening day of the store which happened to be Friday, October 29th.  Lanvin threw a Halloween party and Janet Jackson was there.  Rumor has it; she stood outside and just admired the banner for 10 whole minutes.

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