Monday, December 20, 2010

The Season of Giving

I want to talk about one of my most favoritest gifts.  A personalized, etched wine bottle.  These bottles are gorgeous!  But not everyone drinks, so what now?  Well, you also have the option of Maple Syrup, Champaign, and Olive Oil...  something for everyone!  These bad boys are machine etched and then hand painted to make every word and logo really stand out.  Check out the pics:

Once your logo and message is etched into the bottle, you can then personalize the bottles by name.  Imagine your 40 best clients receiving a bottle of wine with your logo etched directly into the glass, and underneath your logo is a message of 'thank you' and their name.  This bottle will probably sit on their desk for years, untouched until that day when 8 feet of snow forces everyone to stay overnight at work and every last drop of every thing is drank.  Even then though, the empty bottle will persist.

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