Tuesday, December 28, 2010


No, I don't mean the Foursquare venue that helped so many people unlock the Super Duper Swarm and Epic Swarm Badges.  I mean when I look out my window, and all I see are cars that are up to their antennas in snow, I can only think Promotional Products!  Lets take a look at a few items that you could have given to your target market that might have saved them from this year's Snowmageddon.

Telescoping Ice Scraper.
Portable Ice Scraper

The Telescoping Ice Scraper is a serious tool that will be loved and kept by any one with a car.  The Portable one is a handy device that can be kept in the glove box.  The words that we would have heard from the wielder of these tools yesterday would have been something like; "Thank goodness that (your company name) gave me this ice scraper!  This thing totally saved my life!"

Check out this big Mamma-Jamma!
This Folding Snow Shovel is freaking amazing!  Any person who was equipped with this thing over the weekend had absolutely no fears about the snow.  Just knowing that I had this would have helped me sleep more soundly while the snow was pouring down.  Give this one to your target demographic, or to your clients when winter is upon us, and they will surely say; "Good thing I have this freaking awesome snow shovel.  Boy, (your company name) really saved my life"!

The moral of the story is to Never Stop Promoting!  And, if you keep your promotions seasonal, you can end up saving a life and generating a very loyal client.

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