Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NYCC Promotions Part 2

After I got the wolverine key chain from Del Rey, I walked around only a little before I was handed a foam toilet seat (full size!). Now, I'm accustomed to seeing many bizarre costumes at events like these, but when I was handed a foam toilet seat, I wasn't sure weather I was supposed to wear it around my neck or just look at it. I didn't wear it, but I had to hold on to it so I got a friend to wear mine for me. Unfortunately, he turned down any photo ops for the blog. Here is the seat:

You can see that time has been rough on this promotion. Although it's only been a week or so, the bright white foam has discolored slightly to become a more yellowish hue around the edges.

But all in all, this custom promo from fox screams for attention in a sea of short attention spans. Supposedly in the show, the main character dies when a rouge toilet seat falls out of a plane and hits her in the head.

I love the idea for the promotion, and to be honest, I've only heard great things about the show (even though it's been canceled). This promo is for the upcoming Direct to DVD movie and it got some attention from the die hard fans along with attention from the casual con goers like me. This show has such a following that someone believes they can sell the foam seat for a few bucks on ebay. Compare his pic to mine to see the difference in color (and camera quality).

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  1. Actually, in the show "Dead Like Me" the main character dies after a toilet seat from a decommissioned space station re-enters the atmosphere and lands on her, causing an explosion in the middle of the city. The toilet seat is constantly referred to in the show and is a very appropriate promo.