Monday, February 9, 2009

Promotions Ruled the weekend at NYCC

This weekend was the comic book convention in NYC. I attended Saturday and Sunday only to find that everyone was giving away promotions like it was going out of style! All of the larger booths were throwing shirts into a crowd or giving out keychains. Even the smaller booths had pins and bookmarks to help grab attention and promote themselves. Keep your eyes here over the next few days as we go through some of my favorite promotions (including the foam toilet seat cover).


  1. Interesting. I have been to many comic book conventions in my hometown. Did you see anyone from Star Wars?

    Were they giving away food?

  2. I actually saw a few storm troopers, but my favorite was the kid sitting outside of the convention center with the boba fett mask playing the accordion for spare change.

    No one was giving away food.