Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scavenger Hunt is on!!

I am pausing from the convention series for a moment to announce a new competition! A fan sent me these pics, they were covertly snapped on an NYC subway.

A random sighting of UPG's bag in a bag!

To help prove the efficacy of promotional products, United is announcing the 'See Our schwag, Win a Bag' competition!! (I know you are excited about this)

How it works:

-See any United Print Group promotion out in the world, take a picture, send it to me, win.

-It Cannot be your item that you asked someone else to hold while you take a picture. (no cheating)

-Send in a picture, and the location of the sighting.

-Make friends with the person holding the item, and thank them for helping you win a new CAR! (...shaped stress reliever), and a bag, tote, or backpack (or 2) of my choosing.

Thanks for playing, send in those pics!

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